Monday, November 30, 2009

Operation7 - Weapon Customization new gameplay for FPS games

Personally, I'm not into FPS games. Basic reason is that I sucked at shooting games. But I've seen some kids playing OP7(Operation7) in one of my favorite internet cafes. They're sorta like customizing their weapons to whatever they like. From functionality to appearance. And not only weapons, you can also customize your gears, suits and your looks.

It's quite intriguing, so I decided to download the game and started playing. As I expected, I'm always at the bottom of the rankings or standings in the game. Usual scores would be 3 kills, 11 deaths. What? Really pathetic isn't it? Ha! Ha! Ha! But bottomline, I'm enjoying the game and be playing this 'til I'm fed up and find other games that would catch my attention. It's nice to have some short breaks with all my MMORPG gaming time.

OP7 is free to play with it's Philippine Server. But you have to buy e-points if you want to buy stronger items, weapons and gears at a lower level. Of course, you still have the option not to load-up your e-points and just accumulate game golds for your gears and weapons. All you need to do is keep on playing. The more you play the more gold you accumulate, and you gain more experience for you to level up and use stronger weapons and gears. Obviously, stronger items have level requirements. So you have to play to get the level requirements for the item that you're aiming for.

Keep playing gamers! ENJOY!

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Ronnie55 said...

I feel your pain.. I'm usually like 2 kills and 10 deaths in any FPS game I play. I enjoy FPS but everyone is usually so good and the learning curve is pretty significant.

I've been playing games like chess, checkers, and Scrabble Online lately rather than serious games, cause I get too frustrated with FPS games lately.

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