Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cafe World - new craze in Facebook

As one of my friends would say, "all my friends are either farmers or gangsters on facebook!" That was then when Facebook users get hooked on Mafia Wars, FarmVille and FarmTown. But this time we have Cafe World, which you'll be managing a small cafe and strive to make it into a big and fabulous restaurant. So, I would say "my friends were all gangsters, farmers and restaurateurs!"

Long before Cafe World was released. RestaurantCity is already a popular application on facebook. I got hooked to it myself, but not as popular as the Cafe World today. You might say that Cafe World will just be some copycat to RestaurantCity, but Cafe World has a lot of features that restaurant-game lovers can appreciate. You can feel that you're managing your cafe firsthand. You're the one cooking or preparing the foods. Better graphics than RestaurantCity.

I'm still playing RestaurantCity though. Both games has unique gameplays and I don't want to miss that. So, if you haven't played any of these games yet! Better log on to your Facebook accounts and start creating your cafes now!

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