Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wild Ones - New game application on Facebook

As I'm doing the normal stuff on Facebook today, I've stumble upon this new game. I thought it's some kinda virtual-pet-game genre that is very common on Facebook. Actually the game has just started. Perhaps it was just launched today(not sure though), and it's still on its alpha-testing phase. Once again, I've lived up to my reputation as a beta-tester... lol! And it's even on alpha-phase.

The whole concept of the game is more like Gunbound. If you gamer people still remember that game. Gunbound is an online turn-based shooting game. You'll be battling on a 2D map, either by teams or free-for-all game. Last player/team standing will be the winner.

And this is the concept of the game Wild Ones. It's a Facebook-based game. Same as with Gunbound, it's in a 2D environment. The whole game is still on it's development stage so we can expect a little more twist and improvement as the game progresses.

I really like the gaming concept of this game. And since it's Facebook-based, you'll have the opportunity to brag any of your achievements in the game. Cool huh?

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mondal said...

I really like this facebook based game.

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