Thursday, November 12, 2009

2012 Movie and the Planet X-Nibiru

Have you heard about the Planet X? Or the Nibiru? We'll there are a lot of news, articles and videos about this controversy today. Planet X is believed to be the planet mentioned in the early writings of the Sumerian civilization called Nibiru. According to the Sumerian myth, Nibiru is a giant planet which approach or collide with the Earth every 3600 years, and allows its sentient inhabitants to interact with humanity. And these beings are the Annunaki, who would become humanity's first gods.

Also in the Mayan civilization, there is a planet mentioned to approach the Earth every 3600 years. Which will make climatic changes in the Earth's atmosphere. Mayan calendar indicates that the exact date is December 21, 2012. This is what the movie by Sony Pictures 2012 is all about. It depicts the end of the world in that year.

Planet X is already visible at night and is referred to as the red star.

There are a lot of videos and articles that explains about the Planet X/Nibiru-end-of-the-world story. I recommend searching YouTube for videos and Wikipedia for articles.

Movie Trailer of '2012' by Sony Pictures

Picture from Wikipedia. Video from YouTube.

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